rendeznew’s capabilities featured on lifehacker

Over the past week rendeznew has gotten some serious buzz. I posted last week about our spot on but now things are starting to balloon. Just do a search on twitter for rendeznew and you will see what we mean (rendeznew twitter search).

All the hype is stemming from our latest feature on Check out what Jason at lifehacker thinks of rendeznew:

Rendeznew Locates a Midway Point for Multiple Travelers

I am extremely proud of the fact that rendeznew has been featured on such a large site as lifehacker (one which I read regularly I must add). Not only is it great publicity for the site, but it gives us a real chance to get great feedback from people. Now, I can say that I am working hard to add a feature similar to one of our competitors out there based on all the feedback. Soon, users will be able to get the midpoint for two points along the driving path. This will be a breakthrough for rendeznew and allow everyone much more flexible and accurate results for meeting in the middle.

Thanks again for all the comments, suggestions and praise. If you see rendeznew featured on any other sites or know a site that would like to feature us, please let us know in the comments or through email. Follow us on twitter and become a facebook fan so you don’t miss any updates. Check the blog and site soon because the new version with driving direction midpoints will be up soon (I promise).

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