safari bug fixed

When I first got my macbook pro to do some iPhone development, I decided that would be a great time to test out rendeznew in safari (though looking back I could have done it on my PC). After playing around for a while I noticed that when someone would change the results set to Google (or Yelp) and then redo a search it didn’t work as expected. There was a race condition in that the results text are would be told to clear the text area before after all the results were returned. What basically was the result was a map with Result Markers but no text in the results field (until the results set was toggled to the other set).

Luckily it was something that was a simple fix, but having been busy lately, I finally got to it this past weekend. Let us know if you spot any other bugs through email or the comments field. Don’t forget you can follow us on twitter or facebook too! Thanks again for all the support.

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