new simple yet useful feature to help meet in the middle

This past week we have been working to add a simple (yet useful and important) feature to rendeznew. We alluded to it in a tweet that we posted yesterday and we figured no one would be able to “find” the feature.

Now to the good part, what is new. If you take a look at the Results Link, you will notice that when a certain meeting point is selected that point will now get sent through with the link. What this means is no more telling your fellow rendezners, let’s meet at Location B, simply cut and paste the link, send it to them, and if you had Location B selected it will show it.

Here is an example of a rendeznew that our friends at Evolution of Style posted a tweet about meeting in the middle, which calls out this rendeznew results link. If you go to this link you will see that Papa’s Porch or Location G is not selected, though Evolution of Style had to call out the place to meet. Now with the new Results Link you will see that Papa’s Porch was selected when the user copied the link. Take a look at these two and compare:

Rendeznew Results Link without Papa’s Porch Selected

Rendeznew Results Link with Papa’s Porch Selected

Keep all the feedback coming about easier and better ways to meet in the middle. And thank you so much for the support!

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